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iPadforms.com.au provides a wide range of iPads for rental in Sydney and Australia. Most Popular Apple Models like iPad Air, iPad version 2, iPad Mini and iPad Pro 12.9inch.

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iPad Rental to: Engage with Your Audience

Technology has touched the ways we engage the audience. Today, you can perform various interactions with the audience on a sleek device like iPad.

  • Demonstrate Video
  • Make services look Tangible
  • Collect Survey Data
  • Product Launch
  • Email Sign Up
  • Silent Auction & so on.

Advantages of renting iPads with us in Australia

  • Flexible hourly, daily and weekly rental policy
  • Lowest price promise
  • Proactive customer support
  • Customized Application Development for your requirement

Initially, we started with iPad rental in Sydney but now we can deliver to any part of Australia when you want it. As we work with Apples guidelines and policies, it is ensured that availability and features of the device are as promised. We understand that if you are hiring iPads it has to be something big and important so we try our best to make the whole hiring experience smooth.

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Why use an iPad rental service?

Consider the following common business scenario. You need twenty iPads with special features installed for an important sales presentation, business conference or other commercial event. Does it make sense to spend a large sum buying iPads for such short-term use? The iPad for rental option is especially attractive when you need:

  • Multiple iPads are required for a short-term event.
  • You want to demonstrate your product at multiple point of contact at tradeshows
  • You want to collect the feedback of your visitors at an exhibition.
  • Special iPad features are required, and only a first-rate iPad rental service can quickly provide you with iPads with these options installed.

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